Colwell Cedars Retreat

      ~ merging awareness, creativity, and nature ~

          Ridgetops are dry site, old growth juniper and sagebrush, with views of the North Fork Valley, the nearby West Elk and Ruby Range Wilderness areas and the distant San Juans, for example:

          Sage Flat and East Loop, Center Ridge, West Ridge and West Ridge Loop, Fur and Feathers.

          The creek bottoms have year round streams, choked with cattail and watercress, with small ripples and waterfalls.  Juniper grow tall and straight here, quite distinct from the gnarly, twisted ancient trees on the ridge tops, for example:

          Laughingwater.  Ruby Springs.   Sleeping Cedar, Cabin Creek, and Gandercon.

          In between are dense forests and rock outcrops that each have their own personalities, for example:  Eagle Feather, Hummingbird and Raven, Lost, Velvet Rock and Jupiter, Old Forest.

         In this dry climate, it is refreshing to hike a trail in the rain as the moss on the rocks puffs up like a green sponge.   Snow changes the landscape as rocks and yucca poke up through new snow.  In the heat of the summer, the streams offer natural air conditioning.

          For guests with short-range or limited walking abilities, we use our bench-seat 4-wheeler to ferry guests to the remote trailheads, or take guests for viewing tours along the old 4-wheel tracks to the end of West Ridge and to Sage Flat.  We provide GPS-created trail maps, illustrating trail variety and lengths.
          The trails allow us and our visitors to enjoy the natural wonders easily and quickly, taking you on new adventures in changing settings, allowing you to explore, discover and escape in this magical place.   We are always ready to guide you on a hike or point the way for you to discover on your own.
          The pleasure is all ours!

Trail System

There are 31 trails with a total length of about 4 miles.
They range from easy trails of only a few hundred feet to difficult trails 1/5 mile in length, and 
are organized in relation to the five unique topographical features at Cedars:

Sage Flat Area, Ruby Springs Drainage, Center Ridge Area, Cabin Creek Drainage, and West Ridge Area.

Click on the photo-buttons below to explore the possibilities.

Why so many?

       Criss-crossing our forty acres, most are hidden from each other due to topography and vegetation.

       All have unique views, habitats, wildlife, and experiences waiting for you.