merging awareness creativty and nature

          Published in Spring of 2018 by Lichen Rock Press, this compelling collection of short stories reads like a full-length novel.   Joseph's eloquent prose, unique characters, events and locations are woven together to take the reader throughout the West and across generations.

Back cover synopsis:

         "When Tori Reynolds and her husband Alistaire Corey realized their New York City lifestyles were missing something, they visited the retreat in western Colorado called Ravens Nest.  Jake Collins, a retired wildlife biologist and his artist wife Rachel owned Ravens Nest, living a simple life that was part of nature.  Tori and Al fell in love with the land and with its owners, being “adopted” by the childless Collins.  They came to live at Ravens Nest, where Tori honed her gardening and nature skills while also becoming a world famous musician.  Al continued his profession as a writer. All four started and lived a dream that surprised them all.  After the passing of Jake and Rachel, Al discovered that Jake had not only written a fictionalized account of his last years at Ravens Nest, he had also written a collection of stories, either autobiographical or documenting his philosophies and beliefs about life itself.  Al put this collection together and called it Tales of Ravens Nest.  After his passing, the initial story called Tori’s Dream was finished by the newest member of the group, Bernice.  She added the final episodes, concluding with the passing of Tori.  This is the story of Jake’s life as it related to living with nature.  Enjoy the adventures of four people who lived as part of the land and the values and beliefs of the man who tutored his adopted heirs.  It is about creativity, dreams and legacies in a place called Ravens Nest.  Then think about your own life and place."

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     "If you're in search of an out of the ordinary book to begin your summer reading, then Ravens Nest is the one to choose. This book was one of the most intriguing books I've ever read. Just when I thought I had figured out where the story line was heading it would take a turn and lead me towards other possibilities. I found it to be filled with love, compassion, adventure, and even sorrow. Keep a box of tissues nearby because you'll need them. When you reach the end you will be filled with hope, and just maybe a new understanding of the circle of life. Another one of Joseph Colwell's literary gems."  Anne M. in Illinois, April 16, 2018.

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Published by Lichen Rock Press in 2018.  ISBN 978-0-9962222-2-8

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Editor’s Introduction to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition

       Chapter One – Ravens Nest
       Chapter Two – Metamorphosis
       Chapter Three – Intervening Years
       Chapter Four – Sunset
       Chapter Five – Alistair’s View
       Chapter Six – Wisdom
       Chapter Seven – Last Song
       A Season in Paradise
       Canyon Engagements
       Alpine Thunder
      Memories of a Wilderness Cabin

~~ Tales of Ravens Nest ~~

A Life—A Place :  Stories and Reflections

by Joseph Colwell

Contents and Reviews

      Lightning and Fire
      Redfern Valley Recollections
      On the Top
      Elk Peak Passage
      Finding Janet

       Soledad’s Journeys Part I The Voices
       Soledad’s Journeys Part II The Spirit
       The Obituary
       Blue Gentians and Columbines
       Dedicating Daddy’s Lake
       White Buffalo

       About the Author

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