THIRTEEN:        The Pause before the Leap

FOURTEEN:       Final Preparations
FIFTEEN:             The Door Opens
SIXTEEN:             Inside Orion
SEVENTEEN:      Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
EIGHTEEN:          Vandara
NINETEEN:          A Flight of Fantasy
TWENTY:              Goodbye
TWENTY-ONE:    Alone on a Distant Shore

Reviews of Sands of Time:
         "I am not usually a fan of science fiction, but I took a leap of faith and read Sands of Time, and was totally swept up in this fascinating adventure into time. This is not your usual sci- if book. The setting is totally believable, and the author paints a beautiful picture with his words, placing you right in the middle of this adventure. I could not put this book down until I had uncovered the mystery. Do not miss out on this amazing adventure, and read everything that you can get your hands on that Joseph Colwell writes."

Anne M.  5 out of 5 stars -- Spellbinding adventure into time!  March 13, 2018

        "This is such an engrossing book you will not be able to put it down! The descriptions of the settings are so vivid you will close your eyes and easily imagine yourself there. Don’t miss reading it!"  Caroline W.   Science fiction in an awesome setting. March 26, 2018

SANDS OF TIME ~~ Contents
ONE:              A Walk in the Desert
TWO:              A Companion on the Road
THREE:         Two Makes a Conspiracy
FOUR:            A Night under the Cliff
FIVE:               Reordering Lives
SIX:                  A Return to Normal
SEVEN:           Looking for Answers
EIGHT:            Into the Rock
NINE:               Transitions
TEN:                 Mida’s Plot

ELEVEN:          A New Conspirator
TWELVE:         Preparing for Entry

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~~ Sands of Time ~~
A Flight of Discovery and Search for the Meaning of Time.
by Joseph Colwell
Contents and Reviews

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         This novel, published in March, 2018, began with an idea based on the geology of Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah and Joseph’s fascination with time and time travel, to answer the question:   What would you think and do if you found evidence of an advanced life form encased in a 200-million-year-old sandstone canyon wall?

            This was the problem that Ev Collins had when he found something on a hike in the canyon country of southern Utah.  Ev, a geology professor, was pondering who he could tell and what he could share, when he chanced on Mida Peterson, a doctoral anthropology student from the Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico.  Ev decided to share his find with Mida, who agreed with the life-changing implications of this stunning discovery.  Ev and Mida team up for their scientific investigation of the discovery.  Ev quits his job, they move to nearby Torrey, Utah, and with the aid of Ev’s wealthy step father, set up a Retreat and Cultural Center as a cover.  Although no one else knew about their discovery, they slowly excavated their find, bringing in a retired NASA physicist to aid them.  When they finally entered the buried object, they discovered a new world.  Join Ev and Mida in their discoveries of time, time travel, geology, supernatural powers, and new life forms.  You will never again think of the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau as just rocks.
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