Enjoy our unique ecological diversity:  juniper-pinyon forest, sagebrush flats, and riparian thickets and hillsides, surrounded by agricultural fields.
          When you are here, you will experience  the timelessness of ancient cedars, be awed by old-growth lichen-covered rocks, listen to burbling streams and chickadees, and feel the freshness of breezes.

          The 9-photo slide-show below takes you with us when we hiked down to see the Spring Orchids ("Chatterbox" orchids!) below the Eagle Feather Trail on May 31, 2018.  

          And each of the five photos below takes you exploring a different aspect of Colwell Cedars Retreat ~~ Enjoy!

Cedar snag and sky photo link to Cedars of Colwell Cedars page.
Lazuli Bunting photo link to Birds of Colwell Cedars page.
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Exploring Nature at Colwell Cedars

Link to Mammals and Reptiles and more at Cedars.
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