Birds of Cedars         

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Flowers of Cedars

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          At an elevation of 6300 feet, Cedars sits among and between several habitat types.  The year-round water creates diversity of vegetation types, from riparian, to forest, to open sagebrush, and boulder-filled hillsides.   The diversity includes natives, wild, weeds, and domestic, with cross-over among them.  We use mostly common names, with some Latin, and some that have meaning to us.  Many are frequently seen and bloom profusely over weeks or months.  And quite a few are just a chance observation due to location and timing of our walks and hikes.

          The ninety-four flowers in these galleries represent approximately half of the flowering plants within our forty acres --  collected with photography over twenty-plus years, season-by-season.   We've seen some flowers only one year -- Draba, for example.  Others every year, such as Phlox.   And some wow us with extraordinary abundance some years, like the Sego Lilies and dry-site Barrel Cacti.   Many images include visitors --- bees, butterflies, spiders, etc. --- so watch for them in the photos and when you are here!