Colwell Cedars Retreat

      ~ merging awareness, creativity, and nature ~

Copyright Katherine Colwell 2009
Embroidered Book
June 3, 2007 through September 2009

Set up for display — dimensions can vary:
5 3/4″ h x 4″ deep x about 32″ long.
Or, 5 3/4″ h x 21″ diameter circle.
Unfolded and laid flat for perusal:  24″ x 19″
Closed for storage:  5 3/4″ h x 4 1/2″ w x 3 1/2″ thick.

          My original motivation for creating the Clouds Hills Conifers book was simply as practice to explore construction methods and techniques prior to making a long-planned book which became Red White and Blue in Utah 1988.

          Clouds Hills Conifers morphed over time and many life changes and events into a complex, multi-faceted book, which did accomplish the original goal.  It has its own creative process, including its own maquettes.   My intention was to have the two different fabric “sides” completely reversible, but one miscalculation for placement of one drawing precluded that in the end.

Clouds Hills Conifers