Colwell Cedars Retreat

      ~ merging awareness, creativity, and nature ~

Bliss of Growth

Copyright 1996 and 1998  Katherine Colwell

Hand-embroidered book.
Open for Display:  6: h x 18″ diameter.
Detail image of one embroidery page:  2 3/8″ x 2 1/2″

Book:  Hand embroidery, silk, linen, cotton, hand and machine sewing, photos of original drawings on which imagery is based, photocopies of tracings used to transfer design lines for stitching, philatelic mounts, ragboard, ink.  Satin, stem, straight, and back stitches, and text.

Display structures:  Envelope–cotton fabric, hand and machine sewing, heritage linen lining, ribbon, cotton gloves.  Lazy-susan and ragboard.

This reverse-folding book structure with a small embroidery and information on each pair of pages (four embroideries total) is the first exploration towards a complex, long-term work dealing with the health odyssey I’ve been traveling since the 1970s.