Colwell Cedars Retreat

      ~ merging awareness, creativity, and nature ~

Copyright 2008.  Katherine Colwell

Mixed Media Machine Sewn.
Open for display:  30″ wide by 24″ deep by 8″ high.
Closed:  8″ h x 11 3/4″ w x 2 3/4″ thick.
          “Behold!” was complete in four weeks—a “book-in-a-box” that emerges accordion-style in five directions from a creche-like container.   The pages are cardstock, with the miscellany accumulated during my trip in 2008 to meet family for my mother’s ashes interment in Baltimore (family and cemetery photos, train tickets, the interment program, poetry, pressed flowers, a Baltimore map, my journal notes, etc.).   The items are machine-sewn to each page, the pages machine zig-zagged, hand-laced together, then hand-sewn into the box, with more mementos hand-sewn to the fronts and back of the box.
          The compulsion to drop other projects and create “Behold!” was profound.  The memories of the final journey for Mom needed to be made concrete—so that when my heirs open the box it won’t be stuff, but will draw them in to make their own discoveries, connections, meanings, and memories.
          Sharing “Behold!”—through the act of unfolding—with friends and other visitors has allowed me to see another aspect of closure for Mom’s passing:  my mementos, and thus Mom’s momentos, go beyond the boxes, into the world.
          The day-in, day-out creative process for “Behold!” forced me to see and think about Mom and all the family connections and estrangements—and come to acceptance:  ¡Así sea!
          After four weeks in the process I was bored with it all—-how’s that for closure?