Colwell Cedars Retreat

      ~ merging awareness, creativity, and nature ~

Published in 2015, this is a collection of 23 essays on places from the California coast to the slickrock desert of Utah, from the Colorado Rockies to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Also included are 13 poems, all nature related.  Joseph describes places he has visited or lived in, reflecting on his experiences and thoughts about the locations and their meanings to him.  Readers have called these essays meditative and spiritual.

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Published in 2016, this is a collection of 28 essays that reflect more on the aspects of time and nature, both geologic time and a personal journey to the author’s own past.  There are 9 poems, all nature and time related.  Being influenced by the geology of Utah and Colorado, the author reflects on the role time plays in the world we live in, from the environments of the West, to the depths of the solar system.

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Joseph has two published books of essays.

A novel, and a collection of short stories that reads like a novel, will be published in 2017.

Scheduled for publication in 2017, this novel started with an idea based on the geology of Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah and Joseph’s fascination with time and time travel.  Combine that with 200 million year old history, the visit of an ancient and advanced civilization, a love story between a geology professor and Apache doctoral student, and the beginning of a new civilization one million years ago—you will explore many fascinating twists and turns in an adventure for the ages.  This book is being published by Page Publishing of New York.

Canyon Breezes by Joseph Colwell

Canyon Breezes ~~ Exploring Magical Places in Nature

Joseph Colwell ~~ Author

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Scheduled for publication in 2017, this compelling collection of short stories reads like a full-length novel.  Joseph's eloquent prose, unique characters, events and locations are woven together to take the reader throughout the West and across generations.  Tales of Ravens Nest  will be published by Lichen Rock Press.

About Joseph
In 2017, he has been selected as Artist in Residence for the Dominguez Escalante National Conservation Area of the BLM near Grand Junction.  He will produce a series of essays on the NCA to be published as a book by the Colorado Canyons Association and BLM, and Delta County Tourism.

Joseph has been writing all his life but only recently decided to publish his writings.  He has experimented with essays, poems, short stories, novels, and memoirs.  His non-fiction has been described as spiritual and philosophical, reflecting his private views combined with his career as a biologist and land manager with the Forest Service.

He spends his time working with Katherine on their forty acre nature preserve/retreat in western Colorado.  He enjoys reading, exploring the natural wonders of the West, as well as writing.  He was active for many years with environmental education for teachers and students, being certified in Project Wild and Project Learning Tree.  He also was Public Information Officer with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on wildland fires and natural disasters.

Zephyr of Time ~~ Meditations on Time and Nature

Tales of Ravens Nest ~~ A Life—A Place. 

Sands of Time ~~ A Flight of Discovery and Search for the Meaning of Time.

Zephyr of Time by Joseph Colwell