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          Katherine is currently immersed in creating a 3-dimensional embroidered book tentatively titled: Big Tree Collection.  This will be her most complex 3-dimensional embroidered book, bringing together mostly conifer images in a variety of media that she generated as practice and exploration during her  4-decade artistic career.
          The tree images range in size from 1″ by 1,″ to about 8″ by 9.″   Two-thirds of the trees are shown in the first photo, pinned to the studio wall.  In February 2018, Katherine finished construction maquette #5: full-size, made of paper with fabric hinges.  The 1st and 2nd photos in the slide show illustrate how Katherine planned the trees' placement on maquette #5;  photos 3 through 9 show details of in-progress and complete trees and pages.

          The four images below represent the four basic types of work by Katherine that are available for purchase in her studio-gallery.   We do not sell through our website.     Please contact us to arrange for seeing her work in person, or  for information, full-size images, and prices about any of her work.
          Two-sided fiber works — typically embroidered and embellished monoprints or hand-dyed silks, pieced or whole-cloth.
          Three-dimensional fiber works — typically whole-cloth surfaces covered with embroidery and/or drawings, in the form of folding books of silk, cotton, and linen, containing images and hand-stitched text.
          Framed wall pieces — exploring embroidery and drawing with silk-paper-fusion, hand-made felt, embroidered etchings, monoprints, and watercolors on paper.
          Unframed etching and drypoint intaglios — traditional ink on paper.

Two-thirds of Katherine Colwell's art trees for her embroidered Big Trees Collection

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 Katherine's Art Studio-Gallery
           Your tour will leave you inspired to work with Katherine in context of your own creative aspirations.
           When you are planning to be in the North Fork or western Colorado — or have visitors — anytime of year — and you would like to see  and purchase art, or explore art in a private or small group lesson, please contact us to schedule a date.
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Every art process you explore in class at Colwell Cedars Retreat will be filled with gentle moments of discovery.

merging awareness creativty and nature

Katherine Colwell ~~ Artist

— Documenting Colwell Cedars’ wonders in photography for this website.
— Editing Joe's latest three books.
— Organizing her family photos and stories.
— Vegetable gardening and landscaping at Colwell Cedars.
— Website design.
— And will complete her final year as volunteer Communications Secretary with the Hotchkiss Community Chamber of Commerce in November 2018.

Summary of Katherine's Art Career
          In 1977, Katherine began working with etching and aquatint, in black and white, always looking for contrasts.  Concurrently, she explored color and texture in hand-embroidery with silk, cotton, and wool.  Since that beginning, the majority of Katherine’s work has been based on her 40+ years of plein-air drawings in graphite, pen and ink, and watercolor.
          Throughout Katherine's 4-decades artistic career, she has been exhibiting and marketing her unique blend of embroidery, printmaking and drawing nationwide, and also mentoring individuals and working with organizations in workshops and secondary art classes, locally, regionally and across the country.
          As a life-long-learner, Katherine continues building and strengthening her teaching, mentoring, and artistic media repertoire in divergent areas: