merging awareness creativty and nature

The work of art remakes the maker.   Elliot Eisner

All of Colwell Cedars’ Nature and Art Journeys include a nature walk.
Length of Journeys varies from 3 to 5 hours, and are held anytime of year.
For individuals, families, and small groups, ages 8 to 80.  Maximum of 5 participants.

The four miles of walking and hiking trails at Cedars yield diverse habitats and ecosystems, through a variety of terrain—from easy and flat to steep and rocky—to suit your ability and interests.

Choose from these Nature and Art Journey possibilities, or we can design a Journey just for you:

 — Look Up.  Look Down.  Look All Around.
          You will be refreshed and inspired through immersion in details as you collect and record Nature’s patterns.

— Exploring Beyond the Ordinary:  the Forest and the Trees.
          You will be immersed in the Forest as Trees and the Trees as Forest through a mosaic of color, line and detail to experience cedars young and old.

— Nature’s Gifts and the Spirit of Sumi-e.
          You will honor your intuition as you express a personal landscape with Haiga, Kakemono, and Shikishi.

— Nature in 4Rs.
         Going beyond the basics of  aRt – ‘Rithmatic – wRitin’ – Rememberin’,  you will explore a variety of arts media with drawing, poetry, a personal map, and memory.

— Extraordinariness of Holes.
          As you slow down to look for holes in nature, you will find them full of life and dreams.

— Nature:  A Closer Look.
          Choose your favorite Cedars’ ecosystem and revel in using all your senses to explore it through list-making, prose, poetry, sketching, and measuring.

$50 for 3-hour journey for 1 to 5 participants.
$75 for 5-hour journey for 1 to 5 participants.
Some classes require $5 materials fee per person.

Everyone leaves their Cedars Nature and Art Journey with an object they create which documents their creative Journey.

To schedule your Nature and Art Journey, please call 970-872-4505, or use our Contact page.

We look forward to sharing Colwell Cedars Retreat with you.

Nature and Art Journeys at Colwell Cedars

            When you intuitively feel something is missing in your life, come to Cedars for a personalized Nature and Art Journey and experience natural connections to re-discover creativity and re-awaken your senses.
          Sitting on a ridgetop at Colwell Cedars is almost like flying.  You look across the fertile North Fork Valley to the distant San Juans and the nearby West Elk mountains, and you can feel the energy of nature.   That energy will unlock your creativity as you explore the natural world abundant at Cedars.   We will guide you and hold your hand.  

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