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Teaching Fees at Colwell Cedars for 1 to 5 students
          •   $30 per hour;  or,
          •   $65 for a 3-hour session.

Multi-day classes for 3 to 5 students:
($100 deposit per student required for multi-day classes)
          •  12-hours teaching time.    $250 per student.  
                    Two consecutive 6-hour days, or three consecutive 4-hour days.
          •   18-hours teaching time.    $325 per student.  

                     Four consecutive 6-hour days.

Art Assessment Sessions
          •  $15 per artist for up to three works during each session.

Judging and Jurying
          •  Since 1989, Katherine has judged and juried art exhibits, from small rural county fairs to multi-media national exhibits.   Please inquire about availability for your schedule.

Katherine teaches and mentors in these visual arts media:
          •  Drawing in achromatic and color media:  graphite, color pencil, Sumi-e, ink, and watercolor.
          •  Silk-paper-fusion techniques and process.
          •  Monoprinting on fabric.
          •  Design Fundamentals:  the Design Element and Principle Relationships — including color theory in any visual arts medium.
          •  A universal Design Process to create textile, fiber, fabric or embroidery works from students’ own drawings.
          •  Portions of the Design Process in relation to other media, i.e.,  painting & sculpture, including working from photographs.
          •  Art Assessment Process:    students & artists are empowered to “critique” their own work and works-in-progress, using an intuitive, positive Process.   When all you need are recommendations about your works-in-progress, completed works, or for matting, framing and presentation — simply schedule a session for several of your works, or with several artists and their works.    Assessing and discovering harmony or disharmony — and balance or imbalance — in a complete work or in a work-in-progress — leads to artists’ and students’ mindful assessment while they create in their own studios and workplaces.

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Other Information
          •       Upon receipt of the fee or deposit, students are sent a list of questions so Katherine can learn about students’ goals and current skills and knowledge.   Katherine is then able to design the class specifically for the students’ needs.
          •       Katherine has three lectures-presentations available for your groups’ meetings-programs, and can design others based on the aspect of her work and experience you are interested in.   Lecture fee is $100 for up to two hours.
                *   Connecting Threads:   Art and needlework from traditional to contemporary.
                *   Red White and Blue in Three Dimensions:   A 22 ft-long artistic journey.
                *   Artwork Assessment Process:    Discovering How Intuition and Logic Enhance Artistic Success.
       Please contact us to schedule and design your class, workshop or presentation — for yourself,  your small group,  or your organization.   Katherine looks forward to working with you.

Art Classes with Katherine Colwell

          Katherine's extensive educator training in student learning styles equips her in understanding whether and how much each student is an intuitive-right-brain learner or a logical-left-brain learner.   She guides intuitive learners to discover the power of learning logical skills to enhance creativity and success of their artworks;  and, she guides logical learners to discover the power of learning intuitive skills to enhance creativity and success.

          You are not alone in your search for creative inspiration and techniques.
          When you are here your personalized art experiences will awaken your senses and help you on your way to achieve your artistic goals.
          Katherine works with students ages 8 to 80+, novice to professional, individually or in small groups, guiding students’ learning in relation to their own artistic or other goals.
          Every art process will be filled with Aha! moments you will take to heart and take home.
          Please stroll through the two small “galleries of details” to see the possibilities.

•  Drawing and Watercolor
•  Fiber & Fabric
•  Design Fundamentals and Design Processes
•  Art Assessment--Beyond Critique